The Accidental Caudalie Vinexpert Spy

I didn’t mean to sneak my phone into the spa treatment room. Sneaking may be an exaggeration because certainly you have the right to bring your phone wherever you like, whether or not you will be unable to actually see the phone due to a red vine, ivy, horse chestnut and moisturizing sodium hyaluronate anti-dark… Continue reading The Accidental Caudalie Vinexpert Spy

Three Luxe Spa Week Picks in NYC

Image from This post originally appeared on Examiner on October 4, 2011 October 10th through October 16th marks the start of yet another Spa Week, where participating spas throughout the country offer select signature treatments for only $50. Ranging from massages to facials all the way to laser hair removal and even colon hydrotherapy (special shout out to… Continue reading Three Luxe Spa Week Picks in NYC