A thing I thought I’d never do

Yes, yes I did shave my face. Not for this blog, really. As you may note its been awhile since I’ve had the chance to share any beauty advice or musings here. However, I did shave my face for the sake of trying it out. If I don’t write an article on it, it really doesn’t count now does it? So, yes, validating a reason for experimentation with my own facial hair may have forced me back to writing.

I purchased these very “official” Shiseido facial razors out of sheer curiosity several months ago. As you’ll see if you haven’t yet checked out what a facial razor looks like, its quite different from your average razor you’d use on your legs, underarms or wherever you’re choosing to use a razor these days. Its flat single blade is made especially for the alleged exfoliating and peach fuzz removal touted by facial razors. Its surprisingly easy to use, though according to half of the articles I read after risking potential facial disfiguration I was doing it wrong. Hair came off, it was easy and rather satisfying.

I bet facial razors work really well for some people. Every time I see an article about facial shaving it dispels those long held myths about your facial hair growing back thicker or coarser. Whether that is true or not, please don’t kid yourself on this part, your hair does grow back weird. Or least mine did. Not weird as in noticeable, curly instead of straight, Movember ‘stache weird way. A straight blade cuts hair in a way that other forms of hair removal do not. It feels a little weird growing in. It may make you break out a little when its growing back. Though waxing and threading make me break out a lot immediately, so pick your favorite breakout method but be prepared to feel more aware on a psychological level at minimum when your facial hair grows back.

This is an extremely neutral review about a mildly entertaining experiment on something no one really likes to talk or think about, but you can’t not try, just for the fun of it at least, when three razors are going for $4.50.   

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