Bro’s Guide: How to Become an Adult

Reflecting back on what your life was like at 23 years old is one thing. Seeing it through the eyes of your youngest sibling is an entirely different experience. My youngest (and only) brother graduated from college this past spring. I took the occasion to give him a proper adult gift: a watch. I also took this as an opportunity to force him to talk to me about what it’s like to be transitioning from college life to adult life as an oft misunderstood young millennial. He kindly humored me. 

On Becoming a “Grown Up” & Dumb Things Adults Do

“Feeling like a grown up started when I realized I didn’t have to answer to just myself anymore, but to people above me. So when I finally graduated college and realized the amount of money I owed in college loans.” The loan struggle is real. 

“I am guilty of this as well, but adults are always so worried about the financial cost of something, that it ruins the enjoyment of it.” 

On Watch Owner Life 

“I didn’t start to normally wear watches until I bought a GPS running watch in hopes that it would motivate me to run, but it didn’t do that. Now, I just wear a watch to keep track of time when I don’t have my cell phone on me. I believe, for work, I’ll be wearing watches more often.

I like that the watch is wooden. It’s still uncommon, so it causes head turns in a good way.”

On My Beauty Advice 

“The one beauty tip I remember is to always keep my face protected from the sun, and it’ll help my skin looking younger longer.” Also, don’t smoke pipes if you want to keep your skin younger. 

Advice for New Graduates

“One piece of advise for recent graduates? Take advantage of what is around you. You never know what will come of it.” 

Spoken like a real life grown up. Welcome to the weird, wonderful world of adulting. 

Watch from JORD in Fieldcrest


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