All I Want for Christmas Is a Really Nice Tan

The California girl in me still appreciates a Christmas spent in short sleeves, a Santa in a hideous Hawaiian print shirt, and a nice little tan. Maybe thinking about a tan around the holidays is just a longing for the unique joys only contained in the memories of Christmas past. Or perhaps I’m just feeling excited about finding a self-tanner that not only works to create a bronze glow instead of a Cheeto-glow but is also specially formulated for sensitive skin. Either way, I plan to take on this holiday season glowing by a fireplace.

The Product 

St. Tropez Sensitive Bronzing Mousse and applicator mitt. Trust me, you’ll want to pay the extra $6.50 for the tan applicator mitt which makes tanning application at least 75% easier.

What Makes it Special? 

According to St. Tropez, the dermatologically tested formula includes naturally derived tanning ingredient Vegetan as well as Melanobronze from berries of the chaste tree which support natural melanin in the skin. What it doesn’t have are parabens, sulfates, or phthalates and creates ‘no tell-tale self-tan aroma’.  

The Verdict

This is hands down the simplest way to I’ve ever applied self tanner, especially when using the tan applicator mitt. The mousse spreads smoothly and easily on the skin and quickly absorbs. While there may not be the typical self-tan aroma, there is a slight fragrance after application that hints you’ve used a self-tanner, though it does not linger for long.

Happy holidays! May all of your childhood wishes come true — even if that includes a holiday tan.

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