Cynthia Rowley Beauty Exclusive Launch Collection available now from Birchbox

Designer Cynthia Rowley announced today that her brand will expand into the world of beauty with the launch of her three-piece cosmetic collection exclusively on Birchbox. “We decided to enter the beauty market through the successful online medium we used to launch eyewear this past summer, it disrupts the traditional beauty distribution model and engages our customers,” explains Cynthia Rowley on why she partnered with Birchbox for her beauty line.

The Cynthia Rowley Beauty Exclusive Launch Collection includes packaging that makes the three products that were created to meet customer’s needs of “long-lasting and easy to use” look more like works of art than makeup. The limited edition No. 1 Eye Shadow Palette, which includes five shades, inspired by hues used in the designer’s ready to wear collection is a versatile eyeshadow palette with fall inspired plum tones including Clove, Sugarplum, Patina, Mink, and Champagne.

Next in the collection is the precision tip 12-hour Liquid Eyeliner in Black Ink, a replacement for the Sharpie (Yeezus! Do not try at home) Cynthia Rowley describes using at times in the past when she needed her eyeliner to stay in place. Finally the collection would not be complete without the limited edition Gilded Canvas Bag that highlights one of the designer’s most celebrated prints in a metallic gold on the black pouch.

While the Cynthia Rowley Beauty Exclusive Launch Collection ($42) will not ship until November 27th, you can make sure you get your hands on the limited-edition items by pre-ordering the collection on Birchbox now. 


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