Inglot Cosmetics Launches Skin Care Products

Last night I literally had a dream about needing to include Beauty Industry News on Beauty Unbiased. A surprising thing I’ve discovered about beauty since I’ve been writing are the sheer amount of new product launches that the general public just never hears about. Because let’s face it, its a lot of work to keep up. Never fear, that’s one of the reasons I am here. It of course only makes sense to share industry news, or as I interpret that to mean, when my favorite brands launch new products you’ll want to try. So, what am I excited to try today?

Inglot Cosmetics, known for their bold color eyeshadows, lipsticks, and nail polishes (not to mention the breathable O2M nail polish approved as compliant with Muslim law) are taking their formulas in a new direction: Inglot Skin Care. After the sad and sudden passing of Wojciech Inglot, the cosmetics company’s founder and president earlier this year, I’m excited to see Inglot moving forward into one of my favorite product categories.

October 18th marks Inglot’s launch of three toners for dry, normal, and combination skin. Dry skin needs are addressed with moisturizing lily extract, while the normal skin toner includes black pearl extract that is said to balance and brighten the skin, and finally combination skin is treated to a ginkgo extract which is anti-inflammatory, diffuses redness, and also provides skin with mattifying benefits.

More beauty news is in your future, unless I have another dream that tells me to stop writing about it. But until then you can shop for Inglot’s new toners for $18 each online at, at an Inglot boutique near you, or at select Macy’s.       


  1. You might be thinking, well my skin doesn't look irritated or inflamed so the fragrance must not be a problem. In reality, skin on the surface often keeps the fact that it's being irritated a secret with no reaction at all. John


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