Volume I: The Hair Products that Actually Work for Thin, Flat Hair

Flat hair, don’t care? No, actually, I’ve never said that. I really wish I had thicker hair. Wavy, ideally.  But short of waiting for that rumored hair change that happens every seven years, I have come to accept my hair the way it is and learned to focus on what does work for my hair. The line-up is small, but so is the thickness of the hairs on my head. Let’s start with my two favorite products: hair oils and root lifting volumizers.  

Hair oils always seem to weigh my hair down, but when one works well, the golden shine of my hair is a thing of beauty. I have to be extremely reserved in my use of oils since they can make me look pretty greasy if I’m not careful. But Bumble’s Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil and Shu Uemura’s Art of Hair Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil used in very tiny pearl-sized amounts give the sheen without the grease.

Next, there are the host of products that taunt us with the word volume all over the packaging. Most of these have made my hair too sticky, weighed it down, or done absolutely nothing. The two products that have lived up to their volume claims?

Moroccan Oil Root Boost, with its heavenly smell and lightweight formula and Oribe Thickening Maximista, also with a scent so nice you wish it was perfume and a slightly sticky texture that helps create instant volume. Shop the image links to try out these favorite oils and root boosters.

Any favorite products you’ve discovered actually work on your problematic hair — thin and flat, thick and impossible — or any other type of issue, that you swear by?


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