These are My Confessions, Body Edition: Summertime Sins, Secrets, and Saviors

As Usher once said, “If I’m gonna tell it then I’ve gotta tell it all…”

Summer brings with it a fair share of temptations and paradoxes. While you’re much more likely to eat more hot dogs and binge on pints of ice cream, you’ll also be forced by the heat or at minimum some type of activity to wear fewer items of clothing than any other time of the year. Try as I have to jump on the kale bandwagon (seriously guys, I just don’t understand you and your taste buds sometimes), I’ve had to employ a series of white lies and one unforgivable sin to feel comfortable in my cutoff shorts.

Nivea sun kissed beautiful legs

First white lie: I may have bought a month pass to a yoga studio, but I never made it. Instead, I began testing Nivea’s Skin Firming Hydration lotion with Q10. Now yoga and firming lotion are very different in nature and I am not going to begin to suggest comparable, but, two weeks of testing extended into over a month of use before the bottle ran dry and my skin ran moist. While as the bottle itself admits, no topical product has been proven to get rid of cellulite completely, what the lotion does excel at is lasting moisture and an overall firming of the skin. A welcome swap for my daily lotion, and rest for my guilty non-yoga going conscious.

The unforgivable sin: I enjoy a little tan. Now hear me out, I use over SPF 30, reapply every 40 minutes to two hours, or as soon as I get out of the water and towel off. But after spending a week at the beach that was mostly cloudy, I may have bent my own skin care rules a little. Stupid me since I’m just increasing my risk for cancer and skin damage. And I’m paying for it with weird burnt splotches that are now peeling in weirder shapes. But my legs look like they belong to someone else now thanks to my first white lie and now my tanning sins which are being repaid by white lie #2…

Since I’ve got a little base tan going, I’m supplementing the sun damage with another little white lie (tan lie?): Nivea Sun-Kissed Beautiful Legs. While there is a mild self tanner smell, this is outweighed by the fact that it is a lightweight while still very moisturizing. It is also ‘shave minimizing’, an always welcome bonus. For me, the best part is that it is significantly less sticky than other self tanners I’ve used, although it does take 3-5 days for full color to develop. When it comes to self-tanning, I really do just wanna take it Nice and Slow. I think we’ve got a good, golden tinted thing going here. 

I’m sure by now you probably already have some Usher stuck in your head, so please enjoy this moment more fully with some musical accompaniment.

This post was sponsored by Nivea and the Nivea Digital Influencer Network. The editorial reflects an honest review and opinion of the writer’s experience.
This post includes affiliate links.

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