When it’s Too Hot for Makeup: Pur Minerals 5-Piece Start Now Kit

How do you apply makeup when you have no air conditioning in your bathroom, causing your face to sweat not quite bullets but large tear-shaped drops at minimum before you even walk out the door? Or, for those blessed with central air, which makeup do you use when you know you’ll probably sweat it off as soon as you leave your house?

You’ve come to the right place for these answers, as I unfortunately have accrued tons of experience with the sweaty face makeup dilemma living in the most ‘European city’ (read: NO central air conditioning) in America. As someone with dry skin, I tend to lean towards products that are creamy, and moisturizing, basically the opposite of what you want to apply in a heat wave. So, lately I have been experimenting with something that is similar to a product I used to use when I first was becoming a regular makeup wearer, back in the day: Pur Minerals. 
Specifically, the Pur Minerals 5-piece kit. Included in 5-piece kit is the 4-in-1 Pur Minerals pressed mineral powder, neutral primer, mineral glow powder, Impact+ mascara and ‘Chisel’ brush. This kit has you covered for a tanned, natural look that works with your skin rather than against it during crazy summer heat waves. If you’re not familiar with how mineral makeup works, first you apply the primer to help your makeup withstand the effects of global warming, aka makeup sliding off your face. 
Next, you can apply the 4-in-1 (with SPF 15) pressed mineral foundation with the chisel brush all over for full coverage. What I love about mineral powder is the way it feels so baby-bottom soft on your skin yet works to help conceal uneven coloring in your skin, while helping to limit any excess shine. As I’m writing this, the pressed powder has a 4 out of 5 star rating on Birchbox.com, which is pretty impressive since powders can often be difficult to use and Birchbox users tend to be tough folks to please if you have ever followed their comments on social media accounts — I say this as one of their many opinionated subscribers, obviously. 
If you so choose (purely optional folks, so don’t do it if you hate shimmer or looking tan), next apply the mineral glow powder, which is a shade or two darker than the pressed powder with some shimmer to it, making it a perfect bronzer or highlighter. And since no look is complete (in my opinion) without mascara, the Pur Minerals argan-oil mineral mascara makes for a fabulous final touch. 
Purchase the Pur Minerals 5-Piece Start Now Kit through Birchbox for $39, and you can return the purchase within 90 days for a full refund if you aren’t happy with it. 
Disclaimer: This product was provided as a sample for review consideration. This editorial includes affiliate links. 


  1. Have you ever thought about mineral eyeshadow..? It’s a very pretty eyeshadow and changes all your look. It loos unique and that is the only reason people prefer this. So if you are planning for any part, try this shadow so that you look different.


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