Style, Uncapped: Customize (and buy) your own Nivea Lip Care Cap

Design is not my forte by any means. But lip balm definitely is.

When Nivea launched their first ‘Kiss of Style’ lip care cap design contest last year, I thoroughly enjoyed playing around with the cap design website, but let’s just say ‘award winning design’ is probably never going to be attached to my name. This chevron design from Melissa M. was instead chosen out of the 10,000 entries (rightfully so).

“Like the brand, I appreciate and encourage self-expression. With the first of its kind program, we will give everyone in America the opportunity to make their lip cap their best accessory — and I know all too well about the importance of a great accessory.” -Rebecca Minkoff, Fashion Designer

This year Nivea is encouraging your creativity to flow instead of your competitive nature by launching the ‘Style, Uncapped’ campaign with fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff. Beginning June 27th on, you can not only design your own lip care cap with over 400 patterns and symbols, an array of colors, and adding your own text, but, here’s the best part… you can then purchase your design!

Rebecca Minkoff designed her own limited edition lip care cap, inspired by her Spring 2013 apparel collection. After seeing Minkoff’s design, which was inspired by the pattern on a vintage bandana, I was ready. Ah, the possibilities for customizable lip balm! Think of all the bridal and baby shower gifts, not to mention the weddings, birthday parties, and any other special event I’m missing.

When I had the chance to try out the new design site, I was able to find more focus and clarity, anchored by the knowledge that the customized cap would end up in my bag, end up being seen when I pull out my lip balm (which is a regular occurrence), and ultimately I alone would have the sole burden of shame or the full possession of pride for my design. In the midst of designing on, I decided that the wide range of background patterns, graphics, and text would create a perfectly unique bachelorette party gift, without the usual potential of embarrassment that accompanies bachelorette festivities.

Once you design your cap, delivery is estimated to take two weeks. You can order 1-4 caps for $6 per cap, 5-20 caps for $5 per cap, and 20+ for $4 per cap. If you’re having trouble deciding which design you to select, Style Uncapped’s site has the option to create personal accounts to access previous designs or save your masterpiece in progress. Once you’re done designing your lip care cap, you can add it to a gallery if you’d like to inspire others with your brilliance or you can browse other users’ designs.

Get designing!

Beauty Unbiased is part of the Nivea Digital Influencer Network.

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