Purple Rain, Purple Rain: Armour Beauty’s Latest in Lip Gloss

Prince’s “Purple Rain” was released the same year that I was released into the universe. Okay, so that was the most dramatic way I could possibly say this: it came out in 1984. I’ve literally grown up alongside the song and movie, though I never actually listened to the song or watched the movie. As I write this, I am listening for the first time to the full 8 minutes and 42 seconds of the song that later became the movie that later inspired the wardrobe for one of my favorite Chapelle’s Show sketches. All of this is happening while I’m wearing Armour Beauty’s latest color out this summer called

You guessed it… Purple Rain.

My little obsession with Armour Beauty started at the Birchbox/Madewell Spring Style shoot. The Barracuda gloss I wore is that perfect shade of red that you spend nights dreaming about finding. The lip glosses in the Armour Beauty collection created by rocker, model and mother Theo Kogan evoke much more than just excitement for the wide assortment of 18 (and counting) highly pigmented, long-lasting colors though. There is also the fact that the glosses are paraben free and cruelty free, in addition to including hydrating ingredients like avocado butter, mango seed butter, olive butter, grape seed oil, shea butter and Vitamin E.

But also, there’s something that happens when you use Armour Beauty.

Maybe I’m just feeling a little dramatic with a Prince inspired purple across my lips, but Armour Beauty seems to elicit a multi-sensory experience. A song you get stuck in your head when you read the rock n’ roll inspired name of the gloss. The soft, hydrated feel of the gloss on your mouth. The inspiration you feel to be a little bolder with color. Whatever exactly it is, I only know I want some more of it.

Armour Beauty lip glosses retail for $21 and can be purchased online through Beautylish, Birchbox, Beauty.com and are also available in stores.

A press sample was provided of this product.

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