Amarte Skin Care: East Meets West Meets My Face

Shortly after Marie Claire declared that Korea is the new France of skin care, Seoul became the new Paris and Asian BB creams took part in a hostile takeover of tinted moisturizer. The next step in Korean skin care domination comes in a very pretty package. Amarte Skin Care launched in the USA late last year, bringing skin care advances from Korea by way of California. The Korean brand mirrors the literal East meets West marriage of American dermatologist Dr. Kraffert (and founder of and his Korean wife, combining Korean skin care traditions with innovative science. Of course I have a few Amarte favorites from the line that you will want to check out. 

The range of Amarte skin care products are meant to meet your face cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating needs while appealing to your feminine sensibilities with the pretty pale pink packaging. I’m usually not a pink type, but the packaging has an overall romantic, luxe feel. My personal favorites from the line have emerged via natural selection, aka they’ve found their way into my daily routine in the process of testing them out.  The Eyeconic eye cream and Amarte’s BB cream came into my life this winter and they are definitely sticking around for the long haul.  

The Amarte Eyeconic eye cream has quite the interesting shape. Don’t be fooled like I was, you can still apply it like any old eye cream with your fingers gently patting it under your eyes. The delivery of the eye cream through the long white tube is meant to provide the perfect amount of eye cream every time, not as an applicator. Eyeconic cream is made with 3.5% retinol which is delivered in nano-capsules, allowing higher levels of retinol to be incorporated into the eye cream. For someone who has been struggling with retinol-anxiety, making the switch to Eyeconic has been my (mildly addictive form of) Xanax. 

And then there is the Amarte BB cream. Ahh, a good BB cream. What a thing of beauty. I’ve been a BB convert for awhile now and before Amarte I’d been using Too Face and Dr. Jart BB cream. With a creamier consistency than most BB creams, a bit more color coverage and its intense hydration, the Amarte BB is easily making the transition into warmer weather with me since it has SPF 36 and looks glowy and natural on my skin, even covering up some redness I have.

All of the Amarte products are worth giving a go, especially with the Satisfaction Guaranteed policy on their website. A few of the other Amarte products you may want to check out are the Daily Wonder Cleansing Foam, the Daily ExfoliPowder, and the Wonder Cream. If you need a new face wash, a gentle exfoliating wash, or a retinol-packed face cream these are your gals. For now they are available only online, but will be in luxury retail stores soon. 

This product review features my opinion of products that were given as press samples. 


  1. Ella Says, Heavy, as far as I came to know about Amarte skin care products I can understand that this products are really nice for taking care of our skin. I've been using natural ways for taking care for my skin care and now also willing to use Amarte skin care products for my skin. Thanks


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