Prove It! The Pearl Hair Remover Review

When it comes to at home hair removal, I usually just say no. Maybe I’m lazy. Or maybe I’ve had some bad experiences in my adolescence when I randomly decided to shave my arms one afternoon and haven’t gained my own trust back yet. Would the Pearl take me a step closer to trusting at home hair removal treatments?

Letting Doubts Turn to Experiments

Aside from the weird, stubbly hair that re-grew on my arm after my impulsive hair removal, I’ve also experienced quite a few at home products that just don’t do much that they claim. But when I was offered to try out the Pearl Hair Remover, I thought “You are a blogger; these are the adventures you signed up for!” So here we go. I’ve braved trying out natural deodorant in the summer and tested out claims of 6000% more moisturized lips. And now onto the Pearl at home hair removal.

What It Claims

The Pearl Hair Remover claims to “utilize revolutionary technology to remove unwanted hair from the body”. This ‘revolutionary’ tool uses thermo-transmitter technology, which “radiates heat down into the hair follicle, slowing down the growth of hair. Continuous slowing of hair growth promotes longer lasting results and does not irritate skin.”

Alright, So Prove It!

I decided to try the Pearl on my legs to start. It’s winter still and if something happens, no one would know for at least a good few weeks. Beginning to use the tool was a little awkward for me. You need to hold it at the correct angle in order for the thermo-transmitter to work properly, otherwise the little light does not come on and nothing is happening. I figured it out by the third try and that is when I started seeing better hair removal results. One of the highlights of the Pearl versus another similar tool I’ve used recently is that it is very quiet, instead of emitting a loud, buzzing noise like other hair removal tools.

The Pearl did not remove all of the hair on my legs, but did get a large majority. I suppose you could continue to go over the same spots but after ten minutes of the burning hair smell (that they tell you is going to happen, so don’t freak out), I felt pleased with the amount of hair removal and used a razor for rest, and for my knee area as it is tough to hold the Pearl at the right angle around the knees.

I did notice that the hair grew back slower than normal, and best of all my sensitive skin did not have any kind of reaction to the thermo-transmitter tool. In fact, I had fewer bumps and redness than I do when shaving even. The product Pearl Hair Remover” target=”_blank”>retails at $199.99, so this is an investment (though I’ve recently seen it selling for around $115 online). If you’re ready to commit to regular use and practice with the Pearl Hair Remover, it could definitely be worth it for you. I’m planning to introduce Pearl to my arms soon and see if the relationship takes off.

This article reviews a product that was received as a sample. 


  1. i have a question, do i have to let my hair grow out longer like in my legs for example? so i can use it properly, cause i´ve been trying it out and it wont make the hair fall out


  2. Hi Mandy- According to the website, hair needs to be 1-3 mm. Are you able to get it working in a steady flow? It took me some experimenting to get the tool to stay on for more than a few seconds. Also it doesn't get rid of all the hair at first. I used the tool with a combo of shaving, but you should definitely be seeing some hair removed!!


  3. am keen to know the side effects – burning the hair follicle, isnt this going to kill cells on the skin and eventually lead to skin cancer? I would rather have the pain of my epilator until I know for sure that this pearl remover is not going to affect me in the long term and give me a skin cancer


  4. That is a great question. I tried to do some online research on thermo transmitter technology and cancer risk, but came up with nothing. I would contact Viatek, the company that distributes the product, with your concern. Since its a newer technology, I am not sure long term tests have been done but I could be wrong.


  5. After the first time, how long does it take for the hair to grow back?And by \”long term results\” do they mean the hair is permently removed? Or hair is reduced, thinned and grows back after a longer time?


  6. While I am not 100% sure if it has been approved for children, it is purely my own opinion but I would suggest not using a device like the Pearl on a child. I would suggest talking to a medical doctor about what is the best hair removal for a 9 year old.


  7. Hi Monika- Really important questions! From my personal experience, I noticed that the hair took longer to grow back than it normally does from shaving, not sure versus waxing since I did not experiment a comparison with that. You're exactly right that hair grows back a bit thinner, and the idea is the longer you use it, the longer the results of reduced, thinning hair. I didn't test it long term so I cannot speak to those claims.


  8. Would the Pearl be suitable for mens leg hair? When the hair grows back did the stubble feel as rough as having shaved? I have been waxing because I dislike the stubble after shaving but waxing every month gets expensive. Also how long did it take to do one leg?


  9. Its amazing, looking at the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you provide. I'll bookmark your blog and visit it weekly for your new posts.


  10. Hi, I've just read all of these posts and it's still a bit unclear to me whether the Pearl will (over time) \”permanently\” reduce hair growth? For example, I'm currently getting laser treatments and it was explained to me that during each session, the laser kills the follicles of the hair that's in cycle (apparently only about 20% of your hair is out at a time, the rest remains dormant) so, it takes many sessions to keep killing the hair until eventually it's all gone. Is this what the Pearl does, or does it just somehow slow down the growth rate instead, more like waxing and hair removal creams?


  11. Hi i had laser hair removal done on my back and i was told, if the hair has turned white. the laser doesnt that the case with the pearl?


  12. Hi there, this product looks amazing! I am just wondering if it is safe for me as I am pregnant. I am also very very very hairy, will it help to thin out the hair as well as come out less?Thanks so much


  13. I had more success with my Emjoy than the Pearl, it was hard to use under the arm and upper lip, feeling more like burning and without hardly any removal of hair. I will be returning this expensive product


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