Get Your Glow On — For 55% Off

It’s not often that I post about discount codes or special offers. There are so many out there on any given day that it may get a little boring around here if that was all I wrote about. But of course I will always an exception if I feel like its an awesome deal that I can offer you all. And so it has come to be that Per-fekt Beauty’s Glow Kit makes the cut, since I’ve been given the chance to offer you all 55% off the $100 retail price. The Glow Kit will be available for $45 until spring begins, Thursday March 21, 2013. You’ll find the code at the bottom of the post. So what’s it include?

If you’re even half as pale as me, a sunless tanning gel is a good investment for those first few weeks of warmer weather when you’re afraid to show your legs for fear of blinding others. I’ve tested it out and Per-fekt Beauty’s Body Perfection gel is an alternative to traditional bronzer and sunless tanner, with limited color transfer onto clothing and is incredibly easy to apply. Rumor has it that Mylah Morales, Rihanna’s makeup artist has been using it to help get Rihanna glowing.    

Allow me to sound like I’m on the Home Shopping Network for a moment here while I explain the Glow Kit: At $48, the price of the Body Perfection Gel alone is more than the whole Glow Kit. It also includes the Cheek Perfection gel, a blush that is a mix between a stain and a cream blush, and the Lip Perfection gel that gives a pinky coral glow while moisturizing the lips, minus any sticky feeling.  

So to recap: The Glow Kit includes Body Perfection Gel, Cheek Perfection Gel, and Lip Perfection Gel. Enter GLOWKIT at checkout on before Thursday, March 21, 2013 for your discount and enjoy!

Full disclosure: I’m not getting anything if you buy this, but I still think you should because it’s an awesome deal. 

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