Daily Beauty: Nivea Smooth Sensation Lotion

In my quest to find the latest and greatest in beauty, I’ve realized that the day to day products I’m using often don’t even get mentioned on my blog. Sometimes the old reliable standards just aren’t as sexy and exciting to write about as fancy products that I can’t even pronounce. When I heard about Nivea’s Share the Sensation Challenge to use their Smooth Sensation Shea Butter Lotion for 7 days, I switched my lotion immediately. After years of using various blue shades of Nivea lotion bottles, the time had come to share my new experiences with an old faithful.

Daily Musings from my week switching to Nivea Smooth Sensation Shea Butter:

Day 1: My skin immediately feels smooth and soft. Oh my God, I love Shea Butter. 
Day 2: When they say “absorbs quickly”, they mean it. My skin is not left feeling greasy at all.
Day 3: A little bit goes a long way with this lotion, which makes applying it in a hurry super easy.
Day 4: Just realized that Nivea’s Smooth Sensation lists Glycerin as the second ingredient. No wonder it works so well.
Day 5: It’s been freezing out, but even my hands have stayed moisturized since I’ve made the switch.
Day 6: My legs have seen the biggest improvement over the week. They have a more even skin tone and are retaining moisture longer, compared to being their previous state of hideous winter blotchy mess.
Day 7: Wow, that was fast. When you switch a product in your routine and it fits so seamlessly you don’t even notice its been a week… you know you’ve found a keeper.

Of course no product is perfect, and there are two items of note that people may be interested to know. One is that there is a light fragrance to the lotion, though it largely disappears after application. Second, the lotion is not paraben free, which may matter to those who have concerns about products with parabens. It’s been more than two weeks now since I started the Nivea Share the Sensation Challenge and I’m still using it as part of my daily routine. When you reunite with an old friend, you keep them around as long as you can.

Please read disclosure statement as this review includes samples.  

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