Backstage with Per-fekt Beauty: Alon Livne at New York Fashion Week

Training under Alexander McQueen and working for Roberto Cavelli, Alon Livne, Israel’s popular young designer and winner of the Israeli-version of Project Runway decided only two weeks ago to present at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York, according to Women’s Wear Daily. The all-black collection was inspired by J.G. Ballard’s post-apocalyptic science fiction novel “The Crystal World”, featuring dresses with sheer panels, beautifully (and strategically placed) jeweled accents, and meticulously tailored pants. 

Per-fekt Beauty: Per-fekt Beauty’s technologically advanced products seemed appropriately paired for Alon Livne’s sci-fi inspired collection. The makeup followed the simple yet striking inspiration of the clothing, using Per-fekt’s Smart Color technology the Per-fekt beauty team led by Suzana Hallili created a clean, natural face with a subtle smoky metallic eye. 

Makeup: Starting with Per-fekt’s multi-tasking Luminous Skin Perfection Gel, the product that can be used as an alternative foundation, primer, and powder provided color coverage and a flawless base for the skin. Cheeks were contoured with Bronzed Cheek Perfection Gel and lips were left nude with a touch of the Melrose Lip Perfection Gel for color. Drawing attention to the eyes, a Gun Metal eye shadow shade which was custom made by Richard Anderson, the founder of Per-fekt Beauty, was applied to the entire upper eyelid and lined on the bottom lid as well. 

Hair: Tresemme created  a wet looking, tightly wound acrylic bun by pulling hair very, very tautly into a ponytail, dousing it with Tresemme Tres Extra Firm Control Gel  to create a super wet and shiny style that one might imagine you’d need to wear in a post-apocolyptic world that likely does not have extra electricity for extravagances like blow dryers. 
Nails: Also fitting for survival in an unstable world that one can only imagine exists without access to cotton pads and nail polish remover, Zoya used only neutral nail colors in Minka or Dea, depending on the tones of each model’s skin.

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