In Honor of Michelle Obama: So I Got Bangs, The Lost Chronicles

Editor’s Note: In honor of our First Lady’s new hairstyle, which subtly yet distinctly brought Michelle Obama’s hair to that next level isht, I bring you “So I Got Bangs”, my unpublished first ever blog post written four years ago.

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January 13, 2009

This week has been filled with victories and defeats. But who ever said having bangs would be easy?

A break through occurred this morning at precisely the right time. You see, I had reached an impasse with my bangs this past week. The cowlick in my hair had overpowered the blow-drying techniques I was instructed to use by my Parisian hair stylist (I forget his name, but I like to call him Enri… Like, French for Henry, but I don’t know how that would be spelled). I was devastated at the division in my bangs that I couldn’t seem to stop from occurring day after day. I began doubting my decision to get bangs, doubting Enri’s expertise, and doubting that I would ever be satisfied with my hair again.

Sure, on the surface no one knew all of these fears lingered in my heart. When people would compliment the new hairstyle, I would give them a forced smile. Even lie and say I liked the change. But deep inside I was crying out. WHY? Why me, why this cowlick? I’m ashamed to admit that I even pulled the bangs back yesterday, in an act of defiance to the cowlick. Ha, that will show them to mess with me I thought sinisterly to myself, If you can’t obey, then poof! You can just no longer exist. Ah, if it were that easy. Of course we all know it’s not. They shall remain there (for a few good months til they grow out anyways), and oh my bangs knew that. They taunted me during the day, using the wind as an excuse to come loose from the hairspray and bobby pin holding them back. They were fighting me, and in a little way, I wanted them to win.

And then inspiration hit me! This morning when blow-drying, I decided to try a new technique. Instead of brushing only my bangs forward and drying them, I brushed all of my hair forward and let it naturally fall into place as the wind from the blow-dryer worked its magic. And Viola! As I imagine Enri says alot to himself or to clients (Oh, Enri, our time together was too short). This proved too much for my cowlick and all day has been pure pleasure with my bangs falling into just the right place.

Will every day be perfect? *Gentle chuckle and head nod*  No. But that, my friends, is the beauty of bangs. They blow with the wind. They change like the leaves. And all we can do is embrace them and their complexities.

Excuse the poor quality, this was 2009 after all and this is what a cell phone camera
was capable of at that time. Which is to say, not much at all.

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  1. This post made me giggle! You sound like MEEEE! I have the world's worst cowlick (well, perhaps second worst? lol)! I decided to get bangs last august on a whim… and now i'm over them! I mean, i like the way they look but the dang cowlick is slowly winning the battle! I am now a big fan of hair clips and bobby pins… sigh… may be time to grow mine out! Love yours!!! Hope you're well 🙂 xoxo Carla


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