The New Normal: My Little Update from NYC

It’s hard to believe that nearly a week ago half of Manhattan was in the dark, including my little piece of the city. After four days without power, my excitement to get back to a more regular writing routine was quickly extinguished by a week long outage of internet and cable due to damage sustained during Hurricane Sandy. These are of course small inconveniences compared to those who have lost their homes or are still living without heat or hot water in New York City, so I feel extra blessed to finally have my home fully functional once again. I walked past the sign below outside of Housing Works the day the power in the neighborhood was restored.

I continue to be impressed by the compassion of those in New York City and feel more connected to the city than ever. Tough times have a way of bringing out the dimensions of ourselves that are buried in the day to day routines we seem to get trapped in. I’m trying to keep things multi-dimensional in my life right now. One way is by continuing to keep those who have a long road to recovering from the storm in my thoughts by looking for ways to donate or volunteer. If you are interested in supporting an organization that has been recognized by the New York Times for stepping in “where FEMA fell short” during Hurricane Sandy’s ongoing recovery, needed donations and volunteer opportunities are still available through Occupy Sandy. And now back to your regularly scheduled program. 


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