Saved by the Ball: Win Your Way to New Year’s Eve in Times Square

On a pleasantly warm October night overlooking Times Square, I shared a seat with Mario Lopez. If, like me, you have entire Saved by the Bell episodes memorized and feel oddly connected to Mario Lopez and fiance Courtney Mazza due to obsessively watching their (way too short-lived) reality show, then you can imagine how hard it was to maintain my cool. The couple was there to announce that they will be the hosts of the Nivea Kiss Stage in Times Square this New Year’s Eve. In even better news, Nivea is giving one couple the chance to win a trip to spend New Year’s Eve with Mario and Courtney in Times Square.

After the couple announced that they would teaming up with the Nivea Kiss Stage, I had a chance to sit down with Mario and Courtney alongside my friend Rachna from Urban Milan to chat about what made them decide to join Nivea in selecting the Kiss of the Year, how they’ve managed to keep the romance after becoming parents, and of course, their favorite beauty products. 

Mario shared that he and Courtney love Nivea’s commitment to taking time to show love and affection for your partner. “Spending our first New Year’s as husband and wife in the city where we fell in love and had our first kiss is incredibly special.” Mario also shared that their wedding will air December 8th on TLC. Not every moment in their lives proves quite as romantic since the couple has been parents to two year old Gia. According to Courtney, “making time for date nights” has become a priority for the couple, something that is sure to become even more difficult now that Mario is the recently announced host of The X Factor.

After staring at Courtney’s perfect smokey eye, ridiculously long lashes, and chiseled cheek contouring, I had to ask her go to beauty brands. Courtney prefers the 130 year old Japanese powerhouse Shiseido and Giorgio Armani Makeup, proving her excellent taste in not only men but also cosmetics. Forget the VIP treatment in the epicenter of Times Square festivities on New Years Eve, I may enter the contest just to get more makeup tips from Courtney.

The Times Square Ball

You can enter Nivea’s Kiss of the Year contest from October 18th to November 7th at Mario and Courtney will head up the panel to select three couples who will then be flown to New York City to appear on The Wendy Williams Show. The public will then vote for their favorite couple online. More information on the contest is available here; good luck to all! 

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