The Accidental Caudalie Vinexpert Spy

I didn’t mean to sneak my phone into the spa treatment room. Sneaking may be an exaggeration because certainly you have the right to bring your phone wherever you like, whether or not you will be unable to actually see the phone due to a red vine, ivy, horse chestnut and moisturizing sodium hyaluronate anti-dark circle eye contour patch getting in the way. It was out of pure habit, I guess, that my phone ended up in the large pocket of the plush robe I’d changed into prior to my Vinexpert facial at the Caudalie Spa at the Plaza Hotel press launch.

Once the Vinexpert facial began, the green blinking of my phone that was sure to be permeating through the robe pocket was quickly forgotten. The facial started with a lifting massage that was designed to smooth and plump the skin and also included a shoulder, neck, hand, leg and foot massage throughout the hour. The products used in the facial are part of the relaunched Vinexpert line which has been improved to include Caudalie’s fourth exclusive patent for active ingredient Resveratrol-Oleyl. Recognized by Harvard’s Department of Medicine as being among the best anti-aging molecules,  Resveratrol is recognized in the field of cell degeneration research for its healing properties. In order to prove the effectiveness of Resveratrol-Oleyl, Caudalie partnered with Mount Sinai in “the first in-vivo study in humans to dissect the effects of Resveratrol-containing creams on skin at a genetic level” according to Dr. Ellen Marmur. The results of the study include significant improvement in the appearance of deep wrinkles, crow’s feet and skin quality for 78% of participants, skin firmness for 72% and 89% saw an improvement in skin texture. Even though wrinkles are not my primary skin concern at this time, the treatment nourished my skin cells leaving my skin moisturized and more radiant.    

I had just returned from my 48 hours in Warsaw, meaning my initial attempts at discussion of what was being done during the facial soon faded into a very quiet, relaxed silence. The silence became mandatory when the reshaping thermal mask was applied at the end of the facial, a mask that is painted onto your face over cotton strips hardening over time, its heat boosting penetration and effectiveness of the Vinexpert Serum. Having the treatment over your mouth is optional, but I’ll always opt for smoother, plumper lips so I went for it, with no discomfort at all despite my initial fears I may find it constrictive and hyperventilate or something.  

When the aesthetician stepped out of the room at the end of the treatment, I immediately ran to my phone suddenly energized by the need to get a shot of the hardened mask just sitting on the counter. This turned into stealth photo mode within the treatment room and my accidental choice to bring in my phone felt quite justified even if I did feel like an undercover spy. Are all spies undercover actually? Strike that, just a spy. As it turns out, I will make a hideous mummy some day.

Caudalie’s Vinexpert Firming Serum can be purchased online through Birchbox, or purchase items from the entire Vinexpert line at or at Sephora. If you’re interested in pampering yourself with an amazing facial, book an appointment now.  

Please read disclosure statement as this review includes samples received.

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