Look Good, Feel Better Beauty Editors Day at Saks Fifth Avenue

What happens when over 32 beauty editors from as many top national magazines spend their day behind a Saks makeup counter? No, this was not a dream I’ve had (though it does sound like some sort of beauty blogger fantasy), but the Look Good, Feel Better (LGFB) first annual Beauty Editor’s Day in the US. LGFB provides complimentary beauty services to cancer survivors and hosted the Beauty Editor’s Day as a fundraiser for the amazing organization.

For a $30 donation, I was told I’d get 20 minutes for a consult and makeup application, all proceeds going to LGFB. What I ended up getting was the full on glamour treatment at Dolce & Gabbana as I chatted for way over 20 minutes with the Elle Beauty and Fitness Director Emily Dougherty and Assistant Beauty and Fitness Editor Julie Schott. I was majorly impressed with the kindness of the beauty editors, who were up for chatting about whatever topic came up, despite the fact that I was the last appointment of what had already been an eight hour day for them.

Now, I’ve been to a beauty event or two (or possibly in the hundreds at this point) where makeup artists add a dab of this or a dab of that to pretend you’re getting what was advertised as a ‘makeover’. Christian from Dolce took the word makeover to the next level, and having a beauty editor from a major magazine there to confirm my lipstick color choice was a pretty fantastic experience. The final look centered around Dolce & Gabbana’s red lipstick in ‘Iconic’, highlighted by glowing skin. The lip color lasted through a happy hour that went way past when the drink specials ended. I walked away with that satisfied feeling you get from participating in something greater than yourself, something beyond just finding the perfect lip color. I thought to myself as my Iconic red lips curled into a smile (can you tell I read a lot of Young Adult literature as an adult…umm, I mean… teenager?)

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