Naked Princess: Love, Lust and Lips

If I’m being honest with you, I fell in love at first sight with Naked Princess at the HBA Expo back in June. Who wouldn’t be seduced by their gorgeous packaging, featuring romantic details like scalloped edges and text in flowing cursive? I even shared my excitement about the brand by declaring it one of the emerging beauty brands to try while guest blogging for Birchbox. But I’ve been hurt before when I put my faith in a new beauty product, only to find that it was around just for cheap thrills. Could I trust a Naked Princess?

Even though the Naked Princess Luscious Lip Gloss, with its silky and soft, but not at all sticky texture and just the right hint of color held a lot of promise, I was hesitant to commit. Would I see pictures of us together and wonder what I’d been thinking? As with relationships, all truths will be revealed over time, beauty products not exempted. Naturally you grow together, or things slowly drift apart. Let’s just say over the last two months, I’ve become a lot more comfortable saying the words Naked and Princess in the same sentence together. And wearing the Barely Coral while saying this.

Top to Bottom: Barely Blush and Barely Coral Luscious Lip Gloss 

If my first crush was on the Luscious Lip Gloss, my true love has to be the Naked Sugar Lovely Lip Polish. Lip scrubs have generally been a total letdown for me. I feel good for about a minute as I vigorously exfoliate my lips, but in all honestly I never see much of a difference. What is so impressive about the Naked Sugar Lip Polish is that the formula does not actually need to be washed off, instead the tiny crystals dissolve when rubbed into the lips and leave lips intensely moisturized.

The Naked Princess grand finale is a fingertip full of the Objet d’Love Luxurious Lip Treatment on your lips. My favorite time to do this is right before bed. The antioxidant lip treatment made with matcha green tea and shea butter comes in a reusable contain in either Vanille Blanc or Shiso Mint.

I’ve saved the best part for last: paraben and cruelty free!


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