Team USA Gold Medal Nails Tutorial

Let’s be honest, while you may still have bouts of yelling “USA! USA!” while you’re alone in your living room, we all need a little side project to get us through our least favorite Olympic events or those constant commercial breaks. Of course you’ll want this project to show off your allegiance to the US Men’s Swim Team (umm, just for example). Since my complete incompetence at do-it-yourself projects has been well documented, I’m so thankful for friends like Joyette who agreed to share her DIY Olympic inspired Team USA nail art. Joyette is quickly becoming Beauty Unbiased’s resident nail expert as she always seems to oh so casually Instagram pictures of her latest at home nail art projects that leave me yelling (typing loudly?) “OMG, how did you do that?!” After teaching us how to do the perfect spring manicure, here is her affordable and completely adorable summer creation, Team USA Gold Medal Nails.  
Materials (clockwise from red):   

Red nail polish
Blue nail polish 
White nail art polish
Red nail art polish
Gold nail polish
Gold micro beads (Martha Stewart)
Clear top coat
Small bowl (not pictured)


1. Paint thumb, pointer and pinky red.

2. Paint middle finder gold.

3. Paint ring finger blue. 

(Two coats each or desired # of coats to complete each nail, letting each coat dry before applying the next).
4. Paint white stripes onto blue nail with nail art polish (thin brush).
5. Let dry.
6. Paint red heart onto blue striped nail  with nail art polish (thin brush). This takes some “globbing” on. You will end up with a slightly raised heart.
7. Let nails completely dry before applying top coat.
8. On gold nail, pour microbeads onto WET top coat (pour onto nails over a bowl to catch excess beads).
9. Once the microbeads have set, paint over with topcoat again to sort of seal them in.

Projected lifespan of Team USA Gold Medal Nails:  at least five days (did it 3 days ago and still going strong).

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