A Tribute to Summer Hair: Double Agents, Crowns, Fishtails, and Waves

Falling into a hair rut may be the easiest black hole to sink deep down into and the hardest claw your way out of. But there is something about 100 degree weather, sweat matting your hair to the back of your neck, and the possibility of a scalp sunburn that motivates a shake up in the hair department. Thought I’d share a few of my favorite summer hair moments that have kept me in my happy hair place.

Beachy waves courtesy of Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. Vintage filter due to the super serious face .  
I made this floral wreath at the Swedish Midsommer Festival and didn’t throw it away until all of the flowers had died. Well, a few days later; they died the next day.  
Goody Double Wear Hair Ties for all those times you grabbed at your wrist thinking you had a hair tie there only to realize it was your bracelet.
My first ever attempt at a fishtail braid- a little more braidy than fishy, but it got my hair off my back (literally) and gave me pretty waves when I took it out.

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