Results Are In! ‘Prove It: Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant’

Free of aluminum and parabens, Weleda’s Wild Rose Deodorant is one of many alternative or ‘natural’ deodorant options on the market. As a child of the natural deodorant movement, I’ve had the unpleasant experience of being a victim of less than effective deodorants, thus turning me off from even experimenting with them for many years. Analyzing your armpit sweat is not as easy a task as it seems.  I’m beginning to feel like a bit of a sweaty freak writing this, but thank you for waiting patiently for my review. So, what makes Weleda’s Rose unique and is it actually worth your money?

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Housed in a thick glass bottle and released as a spray, this was not my mother’s old school natural deodorant packaging, for which I was appreciative. I really love the light, rose fragrance which was not the least bit overwhelming but left a subtle, pleasant scent. While I’m not a huge fan of any spray deodorant, the mist was quickly absorbed into my skin and did not leave moisture under my arms (weird how some deodorants do, even when you’re using deodorant to avoid that very thing).

Testing this out mid-summer was maybe the worst idea I’ve had in awhile. Because NO deodorant really works all day for me in the midst of a heatwave. But, when I finally took the plunge and used it instead of my normal deodorant for a few days, I’m happy to report that I was at no point embarassed by my own scent as I have been in the past with other natural deodorants. While I may not be ready to take the full plunge into the natural deodorant world quite yet, for those of you who do decide to go natural, Weleda Wild Rose deodorant is definitely your go to gal. You can purchase it online, at Whole Foods where I first discovered it, or I’m sure a local health food store would carry it as well.

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