Prove It: Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant

Unlike some of my friends who like to casually exclaim that sweating has never been a problem for them, I was born with active sweat glands. How is that scientifically possible? I skipped biology in high school to play basketball in the gym, meaning now I’m really good at watching the 4th quarter of the NBA Finals and lacking on my sweat comprehension abilities.

When it comes to beauty, body odor may be talked about even less than bikini waxes. But in true Beauty Unbiased fashion, I’m tackling the hard hitting issues that … Well that somehow are relevant to me or someone close to me. Finding a natural deodorant that works as well as the Secret I normally use has long been a goal of mine since hearing statistics (that I’m too scared to google now) on the potential for cancer caused by deodorants.

A recent trip to Whole Foods had me mesmerized for an obscene amount of time comparing aluminum free natural deodorants. I was confused and overwhelmed, ending up in the Cherry Red checkout lane with one of the cheapest options, which turned out to be a pretty immediate disappointment. After tweeting my natural deodorant woes, Weleda was kind enough to send me their Wild Rose Deodorant. In a glass bottle, the spray is a wonderfully fragrant rose bouquet that blends well with a natural body scent. But will it work? Stay tuned, I had pleasantly surprising results on Day 1, though the upcoming 90 degree weather will be prime testing time.


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