How I Survived Googa Mooga Without a Sunburn or Nervous Breakdown

Pre-festival skincare prep- All with SPF  

Giveaway Alert! Want to win Eucerin Daily Protection body lotion SPF 15 and Eucerin Daily Protection face lotion SPF 30? Check out my tips to survive a day in the sun and tell me your best tricks to stay safe and sane at summer festivals in the comments for a chance to win.

This weekend kicked off the first of many outdoor festivals for me here in New York City. If you’ve never been to New York in the summertime, despite the occasional 100 degree day, sometimes unbearable humidity, and old buildings that don’t have central air conditioning, it really can an amazing time to be in the City. There’s a food festival, music festival, beer festival, wine festival, pickle festival (I could go on) nearly every weekend. With outdoor festivals comes the inevitable challenge of protecting your skin from excessive sun exposure, as well as practicing your anxiety and anger management skills while navigating large, obnoxious crowds of people.

At the inaugural Googa Mooga festival this weekend, there were droves of people, long lines, amazing food, free concerts and… of course tons of sun and barely any shady areas. As a seasoned outdoor festival go-er, I’ve learned a few tricks to maximize my ‘stuck outside all day’ experience and I have some new favorite products to keep me safe in the sun that I put to the ultimate test at Googa Mooga.
My face being protected from the sun is always priority #1. I started the day with SPF in my Fresh Soy moisturizer as well as in my Too Faced Beauty Balm to ensure extra protection for my face. Layering sunscreen does not increase the SPF number (SPF 15 and SPF 30 do not mean you have SPF 45 protection) but I’ve found that wearing makeup with SPF provides extra barriers of protection for my face.

Another must for me this summer is body lotion with SPF before I head out the door. Lubriderm and Eucerin both have new formulas of lotion with SPF 15 that feel like you’re just putting on your regular lotion. The lotion is lightweight and surprisingly non-greasy. Yes, you will smell a little like sunscreen, but hey it’s okay, you’re going to be outside all day and will beg that the people you are squashed in a crowd with while waiting in line for a port-a-potty will be smelling half as good as you. After applying the lotion with SPF in the morning and reapplying sunscreen during the day, I was noticeably less affected by the sun than my friends who only applied sunscreen when they got the festival. Remember the apply sunscreen thirty minutes before sun exposure rule? Yeah, that’s not just a myth. “Why are you still so pale?” being the exact reaction from a friend at the end of a long day in the sun. Paleness retained, courtesy of Eucerin with SPF.

Also, bring lip balm with SPF and extra sunscreen to reapply. I brought my Fresh lip treatment in both Coral, which is highly pigmented on me, and Rose which is more subtle. Personally, I prefer the subtle look for a hot day mainly because lip color smudging and straying on my face in the heat is not a good look. Oh, and I totally forgot my extra sunscreen, but thankfully my friends are more responsible than me.

As for anxiety and anger management: In cases where you have no phone service like this weekend, I like to eavesdrop on the conversations around me, people really say some entertaining stuff. If the conversations aren’t interesting enough then I will read a poorly written but highly entertaining book that I’ve downloaded on my phone. When it gets really stressful, my go to is deep breathing: breath out for longer than you breath in to calm your nervous system.

Tell me your best tricks to stay safe and sane at summer festivals in the comments for a chance to win Eucerin Daily Protection body and face lotion. Winner must be in the US and will be randomly selected on May 25th at 12pm EST.

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  1. I use face sunscreen as well as moisturizer with SPF every morning on my skin. Not to mention reapplying every two hours to keep this pasty white skin from turning lobster-red.


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