Hair Envy

A cautionary tale from mistakes made in the pursuit of beauty.   
If envy is widely accepted as a universal ‘evil’, why does it seem to come so naturally? A common beauty mistake we’ve all made is focusing our time, energy and money on improving our flaws rather than embracing our natural assets. As someone ‘blessed’ with fine, pin-straight hair, my envy granted me a special place in the hall of fame of bad hair decisions. Hi, my name is Heather, and I was a perm-a-holic.
My multiple attempts to have voluminous, bouncy waves ended in a style that came frighteningly close to matching Ms. Frizzle, the teacher from the Magic School Bus cartoon. If I’d focused on what was right about my hair rather than everything I hated about it, I would have saved a lot of money and inhaled a lot less chemicals. Thanks to a few special hairstylists, my hair-esteem has since been boosted by gaining knowledge of how to work with my fine hair.
Let’s face it; we were all born with flaws. We can in effect draw attention to our flaws by focusing too much on changing them. Instead of letting the envy of what you don’t have cloud your judgment, embrace and celebrate your unique features that may even be inducing the envy of others. The grass may sometimes be greener on the other side, but who is noticing the grass when my hair looks this good? 

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