A Shortcut to Big Beautiful Eyes with Benefit Cosmetics

Growing up with two sisters, sharing makeup was commonplace for me. Three girls in close quarters provided me a chance to experiment with products I would have never tried, had the desire to steal from my sisters not been so strong (hey, it’s hard to forgive and forget when someone loses your favorite lip gloss). My inclination towards cosmetic kleptomania resurfaced at my Benefit Laughter is the Best Cosmetic event when two friends with very different skin tones tried out the Big Beautiful Eyes eye contour kit. Both ended up with their own unique but equally stunning eye makeup results. I was instantly intrigued. A universally flattering eye shadow palette! I had to have it for myself.

Thankfully stealing was not necessary since my friend Ashleigh of Day and Socialite let me to borrow the Big Beautiful Eye palette to test it out and compare our results. Ironically Ashleigh (pictured above) won the palette for telling her most memorable makeup story about her high school drill team coach who did not understand the concept of different colors flattering different skin tones, leading to clown like results for those without fair skin on the team.

The palette includes:
  • Boi-ing concealer in Medium
  • Alabaster Pink base shadow
  • Cocoa Shimmer contour shadow
  • Rich Chocolate Brown liner shadow
  • Mini two-in-one contouring and liner brush 
  • Mini concealer brush
  • Illustrated (and easy to follow) instructions

While I tend to stay away from pink eyeshadow, the Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes palette made me realize I’ve been needlessly avoiding the pink family. The Alabaster Pink base shadow provided high color concentration while enhancing my skin tone rather than working against it. This was also the experience for Ashleigh who found that the soft, pink color brightened up her skin tone (picture above). The Cocoa Shimmer contour shadow provided less color than expected on both of us testing the palette, creating more of a pretty, everyday look than a dramatic one. Each of the products featured in the palette can easily be used on their own, making the $32 palette a pretty solid investment. You could even convince your best friend or sister to buy it. Not that I’d advocate stealing.  

Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes Palette and Benefit They’re Real Mascara

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