Birchbox collaborates with Gossip Girl

As a Birchbox subscriber since October 2010, I feel pretty confident with my next statement: the team at Birchbox has outdone themselves once again. Birchbox has just announced that their May box will feature items curated by Gossip Girl key makeup artist Amy Tagliamonti and hairstylist Jennifer Johnson. If you haven’t signed up for the Birchbox $10 monthly beauty subscription service yet, please stop reading and sign up immediately to ensure you will receive the special edition Gossip Girl box as your first monthly delivery in May. You’ll receive the special box and the option to either cancel at any time or continue receiving 4-5 deluxe samples of beauty products shipped to your home for $10 a month.

“Gossip Girl is one of the biggest trendsetters in fashion, but also in beauty…so partnering with Gossip Girl was a natural fit,” according to Katia Beauchamp, Birchbox, Co-Founder. “The box is a perfect way to give influential fans their own Gossip Girl experience,” describes Sonia Borris, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Operations for Warner Bros. Television Group on the collaboration. The May Birchbox will arrive just in time for Gossip Girl fans to primp with their Gossip Girl Birchbox before viewing the season finale on May 14th at 8pm on the CW. Here’s to hoping for a fabulous Gossip Girl inspired headband in this special edition Birchbox.


  1. I updated the post to give more clarity on these questions, but the overview of Birchbox is for $10 a month you receive 4-5 deluxe beauty products like cosmetics, nail polish, skincare, hair products, etc. Birchbox also features how to use the products on their blog and sells the full size products on their website. You accumulate points for reviewing the products you receive, which translate into discounts on the online store. Birchbox also hosts beauty events for subscribers in certain locations. You can see why I'm such a fan!


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