The Perfect Spring Mani- A DIY Photo Tutorial

Combining two of my favorite spring trends, nudes and bright pastels, this Perfect Spring Manicure tutorial was created by guest writer, Joyette S. Hughes. Joyette is a twenty-something newlywed in love, who flirts with fashion in all forms; who has an affinity towards vintage boutiques (thrift stores), deconstructed/reclaimed/re-purposed stuffs, hole in the wall restaurants and goodwill; who boasts a favorite blazer from Walmart; and whose day is made when wearing a $4 dress find from goodwill or a $6 target design, and after pairing it with a few already-owned accessories, gets stopped in Nordstrom by a personal shopper asking, “who are you wearing?” True story. Fashion happens on all budgets and in all places. Don’t discriminate, find fashion wherever it is; it lives where most won’t go to find it.

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