Teen Vogue Birchbox

When we fall in love, scientists have found that our brains are literally altered for around 18 months due to the endorphins firing in our brain, causing a natural high. And when you’re high, you sometimes lose a grip on reality and focus on sparkly little details. The sparkly little detail my brain is fixated on this month comes in the form of an Essie Luxe Effects nail polish bottle, one of five products featured in the Teen Vogue Birchbox this month. 

Not only is this Birchbox special because one of my favorite beauty editors, Teen Vogue’s Eva Chen, hand-selected the items in the box, but it is also my 18th month of being a Birchbox subscriber. If science proves right, I’m past the stage of mind altered love and seem to really have made a solid commitment to Birchbox at this point. Unlike the ratio of desirable single men to desiring single women in New York City, there are now so many available beauty subscription services yet I’ve remained unwavering and faithful to my Birchbox subscription.

The Teen Vogue Birchbox has moved up on the list of my personal favorite boxes due to the variety, quality, and usefulness of products included. Birchbox gave their subscribers the choice to opt out of the Teen Vogue box and truth be told I contemplated that option for a bit. I haven’t been invited to a prom in ten years, and frankly most items targeted at prom attendees can border on the cheesy side. Maybe my definition of ‘too cutesy’ has changed in a society where wearing glitter on our nails  is not only accepted but increasingly part of the mainstream.

In this brave, new, glittery nailed world (Essie Luxe Effects), Teen Vogue Birchbox equips you with the products you need to be ‘the definition of understated chic’ (Annick Goutal Petite Cherie), plump up your lip’s moisture (Tarte Lipsurgence lip tint), makeover your ponytail (Twistband), and remain shine free (Shiseido oil-control blotting papers) while doing so.

The icing on the cake: a discount on Teen Vogue subscription and $10 off items from Modcloth.com

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