NYX Cosmetics Provocateur Boudoir Mascara Review

At only $6 per mascara, NYX Cosmetics Boudoir mascara collection is cheaper than your average drug store cosmetics purchase, but your lashes will swear you spent at least three times that amount. I sampled the Provocateur voluminizing mascara, one of seven mascaras in the NYX Boudoir Mascara collection. 
Brush option 1- Full coverage
Provocateur mascara adds volume while it separates lashes to avoid the clumped together look no one should be sporting. What makes this mascara stand out is the option of two brush sizes in one tube- one brush is for full, voluminous coverage, and the other for a lighter finishing touch that is perfect for lower lashes and the hard to reach inner eye lashes. 

Brush 2- Lighter coverage, perfect for lower lashes

I’ve pretty much fallen in love with NYX Provocateur Boudoir Mascara. Not only will I know never be able to forget how to properly spell ‘boudoir’ after typing it so many times, after months of using mascara in the $25 and up range, NYX has reminded me that there really are great mascara options for affordable prices. French lessons aside, in addition to the unique two brush feature and the smudge-free, clump-free results, Provocateur mascara also easily washes off with eye makeup remover, coming off in smaller pieces rather than becoming a black puddle underneath your eye.

NYX Cosmetics Provocateur Boudoir mascara in action

  This product was provided as a sample by NYX Cosmetics.

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