Results are in: Tria Blue Light

Two weeks ago I embarked on a … well I started using the Tria Skin Perfecting Blue Light. Calling it a journey would be a bit dramatic as it actually was quite easy to incorporate into my daily routine. The blue light is applied directly to troubled areas of the skin for five minutes a day or twice a day for two minutes and thirty seconds.

Pros: I had a few blemishes to experiment on these two weeks and I did find immediate shrinking and decreased inflammation after using the Tria blue light. There was initial dryness but no noticeable negative changes in my skin during the past two weeks. The timer on the Tria made using it so simple.

Cons: While my blemishes did appear to shrink, the Tria did not get rid of them all together or in a rapid period of time. My biggest gripe has been with the short battery life and no warning before the batteries go completely dead. I’m not a fan of the Tria’s need for cartridges and their limited number of uses. My cartridge came with 300 minutes and constantly counts down which gives me mild anxiety.

Results: I’m not giving up on my nightly Tria treatments and plan to continue them for the recommended six weeks for maximum results. In the fight against blemishes you can never have too many tools in your arsenal.

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