Juicy Couture’s DIY Charm Shop

Last night I ventured where my wallet fears to tread- aka the Upper East Side. I generally avoid stepping into stores that will create severe credit card debt over a single purchase and there are concentrated blocks for that echelon of stores on Madison Ave in the Upper East Side (tourists be warned!). I was however willing to take the risk for the Juicy Couture DIY Charm Shop Cocktails and Charm Event. 
Juicy Couture has grown up a little over the years, and their new DIY Charm Shop  ‘Made By Us, Styled By You’ gives the Juicy woman more autonomy when deciding how to incorporate Juicy’s charms into her look. Juicy Couture employees shared the inspiration with me for the new DIY Charm Shop at the launch event: “A growing number of customers would come into the store and ask if we had any intial charms. The previous charm lines didn’t include the popular trend of initials and tended to be larger and for a younger audience. We listened to our customers and developed the DIY Charm Shop.”
The charms are about half the size and with a larger selection of charm options, including the popular initial trend, in pave rhinestones and silver or gold tones. Other charms included in the collection are a whimsical feather, blinged out lightening bolt, mini wishbone, and lucky elephant to name a few personal favorites. Should you be partial to Juicy Couture’s larger charms, fear not. The option to rock a frappe charm complete with rhinestone studded whipped cream and straw is still available. Mixing and matching is encouraged. Prices range from $28-$38 per charm and can be purchased online through Juicy Couture or in stores.

An extended version of this article is also available on Examiner. Editor received a sample of the product for attending the event.

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