Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm Review


When I first read about beauty balm, the latest makeup product to hit the United States after being popular in Asia for years, I was immediately obsessed purely because of the name- Beauty Balm.  Don’t you feel like jumping into a humungous tub filled with a product called beauty balm? Of course I hadn’t even had a chance to try it yet and soon learned that there are many different brands releasing their own versions of beauty balm, meaning a variation in the quality of each beauty balm. The common thread to a beauty balm is that it is an all in one product that adds color while moisturizing, toning, and illuminating the skin.

Too Faced Cosmetics recently released their Tinted Beauty Balm, a “multi-benefit skin care makeup to achieve a healthy glow and improve skin’s overall appearance with [a] powerful multi-mineral complex”.  The beauty balm is SPF 20 as well and includes light diffusing pigments to add radiance to your skin. Too Faced has four shades of their beauty balm, which is a welcome change from the limited range of shade tones offered by other beauty balm lines.

I tested out the Nude Glow shade, which was a tad too dark for my hibernating winter white skin tone. As a free gift via a giveaway I didn’t have much of a say in which shade I received. The consistency was thinner than I expected, though it went on evenly and smoothly and had a surprising amount of color when applied with my fingers. The color tint was immediately visible and left me looking a bit like I’d gotten a spray tan due to the shade being too dark. After application my face felt a bit tight, but not in a bad way instead similar to how it has felt after applying a toning facial mask. I felt like I needed a bit more moisturizer on my skin in addition to just the beauty balm, but overall I was pleased with the product. Since I haven’t tried other beauty balms yet I am not able to compare which is best, but Too Faced’s Tinted Beauty Balm is a pretty great place to start.

UPDATE- Too Faced Cosmetics saw my review and graciously offered to send me a Tinted Beauty Balm in the correct color for my skin tone (Cream Glow). I have been using the Too Faced Beauty Balm ever since as part of my regular makeup routine. With the right shade, the color actually blends seamlessly while still providing a good amount of coverage for troubled spots on my skin. Lighter than foundation and offering more coverage than tinted moisturizer, Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm will continue to be my go to face base into the spring.  


  1. Well, shoot. Depending on how the Garnier BB Cream works out, I may have to try this as well! I like that there is a wide shade range; did you get the lightest shade?


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