My Glam Bag- January 2012

Nearly two weeks after the promised delivery date, My Glam Bag for January 2012 has finally arrived. The feedback and comments from everyone on the first My Glam Bag were the only things that kept me company as the cold winter weather blew into New York…and my bag did not. Once I am annoyed at something like a late shipment it is extra hard to impress me. And My Glam’s “Back to Nature” themed bag did nothing to change my feelings of ambivalence.

L to R: Concealer, conditioner,  nail polish, peel off mask

 Featuring the Freeman Cucumber Peel-off mask that (no joke) I loved when I was in middle school, Sheer Cover Duo concealer, theBalm Hot Ticket Nail Polish, and Wen cleansing conditioner the bag’s Back to Nature theme included “cruelty-free, organic, all-natural and earthy” makeup lines.  I was excited about trying the new concealer but the Sheer Cover was too sheer for my bad boy undereye circles. I’d already tried the cucumber mask years ago and while I had fun with it then, I had no desire to reconnect with this product as an adult. The Wen cleansing conditioner is a perfect travel size and I will definitely be hanging on to it for trips to the pool and beach this summer, though it tends to be more conditioner than cleanser.

While I liked the idea of the Back to Nature bag and thought the actual cosmetic bag was adorable, I was disappointed by the actual execution. Some of the cosmetic brands in this bag seemed more drugstore buys than high end cosmetic company samples. Plus the main reason I loved the December bag was missing- where was the makeup!? Maybe I’m being too harsh or maybe others experienced similar thoughts. Let me know in the comments and one randomly selected commenter (be sure to leave your email) will be selected to test out a few of these products on January 31st. Winner will receive theBalm nail polish in Strawberry Fields Forevah, the Freeman Cucumber peel off mask, AND the cream My Glam cosmetic bag.

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  1. I mean, I kind of agree with you. The premise of MyGlam I ASSUMED was that they were providing a service of things that were pretty high-end. I would still love to use those products, but coming from a consumer standpoint with the expectations that we were presented with from the FIRST glam bag (which I personally thought was pretty amazing), it's kind of a let down…


  2. While I enjoyed the mask, I definitely see what you are saying about signing up with the promise of higher end products (and a larger fraction of cosmetics). They definitely set a precedent by filling their first bag with great cosmetics. I'm hoping Feb.'s sticks closer to the makeup theme. The only product that I wasn't crazy about was the conditioner and only because they sell it as an all-in-one product (which I didn't find it to be). I can't wait to hear what you think about it!


  3. Oh maybe I should've given the mask another try! I'm testing Wen soon, I have thin hair and have been afraid it'll weigh it down too much since all in one hair products have never impressed me.


  4. I would be completely underwhelmed as well! Thanks for the tip, I will not be joining this club and stick to the monthly pink box delivery I love! Happy Friday!


  5. Overall i was pleased with the bag! I really liked that they tried to be eco friendly. First i really enjoyed the mask and it did make me feel refreshed and ready for the day. Also i like that it is full sized. I also really like the concealer. Since i dont wear foundation, this was perfect for me because it is not too noticable, and not too heavy. If you dont like it-maybe try it as an eye primer? I have always loved watching qvc and was excited to see wen. I would never ever purchase a full size($), so it is fun to have a little luxury. And for the nail polish, i love all things nail polish so i was happy. Although i agree it was not as good as Decembers. I still believe it was worth 10$ and i nice treat for the month. Thanks for the giveaway!


  6. Thank you so much for your honest review and giveaway! Like you I would have expected a little higher end products. I wonder if they are saving the \”good stuff\” for a Valentine bag? Cindy A.clogzilla(at)yahoo(dot)com


  7. I've been wanting a subscription for a long time. But when I saw this bag, it was kind of an iffy feeling. This bag wasn't as special as the previous one!


  8. If its free it's for me and when I don't feel like reconnecting with my youth (in regards to the mask, which by the way…I was laughing out are a great writer!)I hand it off to my daughter and have her use it as play make-up with her cousins :). Love your review!Pick me, pick me!xo- jess


  9. The peel off face mask would be dangerous in the hands of the little ones! Sorry the random number generator didn't pick you but maybe next time- should have some goodies from New York Fashion Week soon.


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