Tria Skin Perfecting Blue Light

Excuse me for bringing up blemishes once again but I have never been as excited to have a zit as I am today! I just received a Tria Blue Light which promises to be “the most advanced, clinically proven, blue light treatment available to help you achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy skin.” Targeting the light at blemishes on a regular basis allegedly shrinks and eventually gets rid of acne as it targets bacteria causing breakouts.

I have to thank and Shape Magazine because months ago I apparently entered a Shape raffle at Pretty City’s Beauty Sample Sale Event. I just recently found out I was a winner so that was pretty amazeballs and/or made me think I was involved in an internet scam. Thankfully it was the first of those two options! Check out for more information or to purchase your own Tria products. Be sure to check back in two weeks when I will start sharing my Tria Blue Light results.


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