Z is for Zack…and Zits

These three items are the best tools in my arsenal against a stubborn zit- Bliss No Zit Sherlock (with salicyclic acid) Neosporin, and the old standby- toothpaste. For some reason the word zit makes me think of Saved By the Bell- is it because multiple episodes centered around a dreaded blemish, creating fear of imperfect skin for my vulnerable pre teen brain? Or the fact that Zack and zit both start with the letter ‘z’? Honestly I chose to use the word zit instead of a more prim and proper sounding term because when I’m freaking over a big breakout I don’t think I’d even be able to recall what else people call them besides zits. The good news is that a zit does not last forever- especially with these three products.


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