My Glam Bag Debut Product Review

The debate between similar beauty product subscription services will be continuing with the debut of the My Glam bag this month. Sure a little competition is a healthy thing, but what will our wallets decide at the end of the day? To help my own wallet choose, I decided to sign up for My Glam bag in order to test out the products myself.

L to R: Mai Couture blush, NYX lip cream in Addis Ababa, Urban Decay in Sin

Featured in this month’s debut My Glam bag are products by Mai Couture, NYX, Tarte, and Urban Decay. My favorite product in the bag was the Urban Decay Primer Potion. I’ve been meaning to try it for awhile but had yet to get around to purchasing the full size product. Paired in the bag with an Urban Decay eyeshadow in Sin, I was able to test out both products today. The Primer Potion was easy to apply, though difficult to unscrew for me. It kept my shadow on all evening for better or worse since I did not fall in love with the pink tones in the Sin shade but I would recommend Urban Decay shadows overall. Another favorite in the bag is the Tarte Lights, Camera, Action mascara for it’s simple, clump-free application and lash lengthening.

The NYX lip cream which is “unlike any lip product” you’ve tried before is a mix between a gloss and matte lipstick, without the stickiness of gloss. It also seemed to be part lip stain to me as it stayed on through drinking and kept my lips a pink tint. While I did not love the shade of pink I received and the lip cream highlighted rather than moisturized the dry parts of my lips, I would be open to trying the NYX lip cream in a different shade as it really did feel unlike any other lip product I’d tried.

Finally the Mai Couture products which appeared quite innovative with the promise of a blush on a paper and blotting paper which would help with breakouts. The blush came lightly off the paper and I had a hard time controlling where I wanted it to blend. Definitely would not be jumping at the chance to purchase the blush in the future. The blotting paper is harder to review in the short run but so far has been similar to other blotting papers I have used. Final thought- I’m curious to see what comes next month, after initially just wanting to try the debut bag. That must mean something, right?   


  1. I signed up today for the January bag and i am so so so excited!!!! really wish i could have tried some of these products but excited for next months green/eco bag!!!


  2. i really wanted to try the blush sheets, nyx lip creme, and sin eyeshadow . I think i might just go buy Amsterdam of the lip creme. 🙂


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