Framing the Soul: My Shobha Eyebrow Threading

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then our eyebrows are the window frames. No one wants to peek through overgrown, shabby window frames no matter how fabulous the inside looks. Clearly I take my eyebrow care seriously. After moving across town this summer, I was forced to search for a new local eyebrow place. After sub-par service and one eyebrow missing a patch of hair, I was forced into eyebrow exile: growing those suckers out. Painful as it was to let them grow wild, it was well worth it.

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Some time later at the Benefit Cosmetics Girlie Night Out I received a complimentary brow wax. I was quite happy with the nearly painless waxing but was quickly reminded once my brows started growing out again why I made the switch from waxing to threading about five years ago. Cue my favorite way to discover new brands and services: Twitter introduced me to My Shobha. This salon offers only hair removal services (threading, waxing, and sugaring) and have developed their own products to treat post-hair removal sensitivity in a non-toxic and healthy way. What really sold me on My Shobha was the training and mentoring program for their staff. I want my brows in the hands of a trained professional! That’s not too much to ask, right?

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 At the SoHo location I was a bit confused initially by the layout of the large office building on busy, tourist-plagued Broadway. Once I finally found My Shobha I was greeted warmly in their brightly decorated but cozy loft. And by cozy I mean the five available seats were all occupied by other women (and a man!) waiting to be depilated. My wait time was short though and I was whisked into the hands of a trained and mentored eyebrow threader. The main difference between My Shobha and pretty much anywhere else I have gotten my brows waxed or threaded was that my threader took the time to talk to me, explain where she felt my eyebrows needed some correcting and even drew on my brows to explain and help me visualize. She did one brow and then showed me before continuing on to the other. I really felt safe and sure she had a plan and knew what she was doing, talking me through the whole process.

After the threading was done I was more than pleased with the results and even better yet smelt subtlety of rose the rest of the afternoon thanks to the My Shobha rosewater calming gel applied after my service. At $20 a threading it is on the higher end especially compared to my days paying $4 in Queens. But hey, we’re talking about framing your soul here. Check them out in SoHo, Midtown East, or Columbus Circle.

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