Get Your Glitter On: Urban Decay Ziggy Nail Polish

 The glitter nail polish trend only seems to be picking up steam as the Holiday season brings with it the excuse to wear the sparkliest accessories and outfits one can muster the courage to combine. I’ve loved the fun, playful look of glittery nail polish from afar but when I won the Urban Decay Holiday Nail Kit from Real Beauty I was most excited to try out Ziggy, a gold based polish flecked with purple, green, and blue. While one coat would have added a bit of glitter to any color polish, two coats were sufficient to use on Ziggy on it’s own. Perfect for my friend’s bachelorette party weekend, without a top coat the color gentle faded in some areas but stayed put for the most part. Now that I’ve tried it I can’t wait to paint my little nieces’ nails over the holidays with this color. I was warned by some friends that glitter polish can be difficult to remove, but that’s a small price to pay for a bit of fun.

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