Refinery 29 Launches Winter Warrior Nail Color Set

Refinery 29, the 360 degree website featuring fashion and beauty deals and trends, as well as hilariously random musings, launched the Refinery 29 Winter Warrior nail polish collection in collaboration with Color Club at the Blind Barber. Twas an unseasonably warm and drizzly New York autumn night at the speakeasy in the East Village. After a bit of chaos including an angry woman being turned away at the door and witnessing a near fight when a homeless man stole a cell phone and attempted to get away, I was allowed to enter the barbershop front which leads into the bar. Who doesn’t love a secret entryway? I was relieved to find the Refinery 29 attendees much friendlier than the crowd outside, though I was surprised when no one attempted to top the earlier near fistfight while waiting in the long line for manicures.

Complimentary Dewar whiskey smash in hand, bag full of gummy bears from the dessert bar tucked into the crook of my arm, the Winter Warrior nail color collection begged to be explored. Six nail colors (pictured below) with an impressive range from the champagne shimmer of Swan Lake to the rich green of Happy Hunter provide a vast winter nail color options. It may be spring before you get through all of the Refinery 29 Winter Warrior nail colors, but what better way to get through the cold months ahead than with polish bursting with color.  

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