The Morning After with Sisley Cosmetics

There’s nothing quite like discovering an unexpected package passively waiting for you, begging to be opened. You eye it, walk around it, gauge how large it is, what types of items could fit inside, and then finally ask yourself “Which online shopping addiction did I feed this time?” On this particular morning I was pleasantly surprised to find Sisley Cosmetics had mailed me over a few samples including the highly anticipated Black Rose Cream Mask. Having been a member of Birchbox for over a year you would think getting new samples would be pretty mundane for me. Somehow I only seem to get more excited with new samples over time. If you’ve never heard of Sisley Cosmetics, the French company known for their botanical and essential oil based products, is definitely on the high end of my scale, which ranges from ‘Dirt Cheap’ (and probably shouldn’t be touching any part of the body) to ‘Luxury Splurge’ (please massage and bathe me in these products).

Sisley’s Cleansing Milk with White Lily, Floral Toning Lotion, and Express Flower Gel Mask (don’t the names alone make you want to slather them on your face?) were a welcome change to my face washing routine. Sisley’s Moisturizers, including the Confort Extreme Day Skin Care with Linden Blossom and Mallow (those ingredients must grow in France, because I’m not sure what either Linden Blossom or Mallow actually are) and the Hydra Global Intense Anti-Aging Hydration were both excellent for my dry to combination skin. The day skin care product had some mixed reviews online, but for my skin it seemed to do the job of my regular moisturizer and then some. Quite frankly, I  recommend all of the above mentioned products, especially my favorite, the Express Flower Gel Mask which is like a leave-in conditioner for your face.

With each product holding a subtle and distinct botanical fragrance, Sisley Cosmetics’ products provide a beauty experience across the senses. The Black Rose Cream Mask can be used two to three times a week, left on for 10-15 minutes, and removed with a cotton pad. The mask was lighter in consistency than I’d imagined it would to be- possibly because the word cream is in the title. It went on easily in a thin layer and was simple to remove. The immediate results were positive– my skin felt soft, supple and smooth. While I liked it, it wasn’t until the morning after when I did a double take in the mirror that I realized my skin was glowing and it still felt moisturized from my mask the day before. Sisley Cosmetic’s are perfect as a holiday gift that will thrill a girlfriend, impress a mother in law, or spoil your own skin.


  1. I will definitely try out their products! Anything to make my skin feel soft, supple and smooth here in Alaska!! Thanks!


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