Inheriting Beauty – Caudalie contest

While checking out the blog of fabulous vinotherapy facial products Caudalie USA, I came across a contest to win a copy of the book “Inheriting Beauty” by Roger Moenks. Featuring successful and influential women from across the globe, including founder of Caudalie Mathilde Thomas, this book highlights different ideas of beauty. Since I clearly love talking about beauty (so much that I started a blog), naturally I entered with this comment:

Beauty is all around if you are willing to find it. There is beauty in the warm sunshine as well as in the cold drizzling rain. Beauty is not only an opinion but also a state of mind. If we allow others to define what beauty is we will surely be encumbered with our own insecurities.
I won one of the copies of the book and was pleasantly surprised a few days later with a huge box featuring not only the beautiful Inheriting Beauty book, but also a box of Caudalie product samples. Proving to me once again that Caudalie knows how to treat not only their customers but even their blog commenters!

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